Nutritional information

Meat is vital power

Meat and cold cuts are important parts of a balanced diet. Meat contains high grade proteins which are the basis for a lot of vital functions. For example, proteins are basic modules of our cells and they influence muscles, tissue and nerves.



Important nutrients

Moreover, meat contains micronutrients such as iron, zinc and selenium as well as different vitamins (especially B vitamins), essential for the human body. Some of our products also contain probiotic cultures supporting the immune system as well as Omega-3 fatty acids which are positive for the cardiovascular system.



Enjoy low-fat

Weight-conscious consumers should buy low-fat meat products. ‘Low in fat because of more lean meat‘ has long been a Döllinghareico principle. We offer a large selection of low-fat meat products, ranging from barbecue sausages to spreadable sausages and poultry sausages.


At the same time we maintain the typical flavour. Whether it is Hademarscher Schinkenmettwurst with only 3% fat or Schinkensalami with not more than 10% fat – we guarantee low-fat taste.