Storage advice

Suggestion 1 – cooled storage

Sausage products are valuable and delicate, freshness and quality are best conserved by cooling. Temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius are ideal for storage.



Suggestion 2 – serving temperature

Raw sausage products and raw ham should be served at room temperature to develop their specific flavours. Boiled sausages, however, should be served cold.



Suggestion 3 – visual appearance

Grey edges point at too light or too cold (below 4 degrees) storage. Wrinkles and shrinking are signs for too long or too dry storage.



Suggestion 4 – storaging

The best before date says until when sausage products can be consumed without hesitation. It is, however, not an expiry date as there usually is a certain amount of time when the products can still be consumed. Raw sausages such as salami can be stored for a relatively long time, in general up to three months.


Cold cuts in a vacuum package last for up to three weeks. Boiled sausages outside the packaging only last for two to three days, even in the fridge. Canned sausages can be stored for up to one year even without cooling. When the can has been opened, however, they should be stored in the fridge and consumed within days.

Suggestion 5 – right place in the fridge

The freezing compartment is the coldest storage place with up minus 18 degrees Celsius. Another cold zone (so-called zero degree-zone) is located close to the back wall on the lowest shelf.


On the top and lower shelves is the eight degrees-zone while the shelves just above and below the middle of the fridge are the seven degrees-zone. The middle of the fridge is the six degrees-zone and the compartments in the door are about two degrees warmer than the corresponding shelves.


Perishable goods such as sausage products should be stored in the six degrees-zone. Smoked sausages can be stored in the seven or eight degrees-zones respectively. We recommend to wrap every product separately so that the delicate sausage flavour is not corrupted by other food.


Suggestion 6 – correct freezing

To keep freshness and quality, temperatures in the freezer have to be at least minus 18 degrees Celsius. Sausage products should not be frozen for more than two months. Raw sausages in particular should not be stored in the freezer for such a long time but they last for a relatively long time anyway.


Boiled sausages, on the other hand, are well-suited for deep-freezing. We recommend to freeze meat products in servings. Single slices can be separated by plastic sheets so that they can be defrosted more quickly.