Products & ingredients

Which products are gluten-free and lactose-free?

Many of our products do not contain any allergens. Our product database contains additional information. You can search for products that suit your requirements.



Are hareico products suitable for diabetics?

Many of our products are suitable for people with diabetes mellitus. In our tables for nutritional values you can find detailed information about bread units.



Are there hareico products that do not contain pork?

  • hareico Poultry Bratwurst
  • Beef Salami – only 15% fat
  • Turkey Salami – only 17% fat
  • Poultry Bratwurst – only 20% fat


Which spices are used when the label only says ‘spices‘?

Obviously, the exact combination of spices is a secret. We have put together a list of typical spices:

  • Leberwurst: mace, lovage, allspice, marjoram
  • Raw sausage: pepper, nutmeg, coriander, mustard
  • Bratwurst: pepper, marjoram, thyme, coriander


Why do you use iodised salt for some products?

Iodine deficiencies are widely spread as people do not eat enough food with a high percentage of iodine, e.g. fish from the sea. To make up for this deficit, we have decided to add iodised salt to our products.



Do hareico products contain glutamate?

We have decided not to use sodium glutamate for food retail products. Glutamic acid, basis for glutamate, is an amino acid and therefore a basic part of all proteins. High concentrations can be found in tomatoes, animal proteins in meat also contain glutamic acid.



Which additives are used at hareico?

You can find a list of additives in our sausage dictionary.



Do you use colourants?

We do not use colourants for our products. We use fresh and lean meat that adds a natural colour to our products.